The foundation for a successful project: an impeccable design.

Nothing can derail a project faster than a poor design. The problem is, you often don’t know it’s poorly designed until construction is well under way and an unforeseen issue suddenly grinds the installation to a halt, throwing the schedule—and the budget—completely off.

The solution: get us involved from the start!

Spectrum Mechanical’s world-class Design Team has the experience and know-how to spot the potential challenges unique to your project during the design/planning stage and map out creative, flexible, cost-efficient solutions ahead of time. This proactive approach means your project stays on schedule and on budget. And because we are factory certified by a number of top manufacturers, we can provide you with options and help you find the best solution to your HVAC needs.

Our Design capabilities and services include:

  • Mechanical engineering staff with over 45 years of experience
  • Critical systems cooling—computer rooms, data centers
  • Commercial comfort cooling
  • Collaborative, customer-driven approach
  • CAD design and blueprints
  • Create applications for specialized needs
  • Leaders in energy efficient design
  • Air Side or Water Side economization configurations
The HVAC units in one of our desert facilities were constantly crashing during high temperatures. After going through several HVAC companies—none of whom could resolve the issue—we called Spectrum. Not only did they come up with a solution that fixed our air-flow issues, they also met our challenge of ensuring our cooling systems could handle future growth.

-Liz Dycus
Time Warner Cable