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Time Warner Cable
The Story
Time Warner Cable is among the largest providers of video, high-speed data and voice services in the United States, serving more than 15 million customers nationwide.

Over the years, Spectrum Mechanical has earned the trust of Time Warner Cable, having deftly completed numerous installations for the industry titan under some of the most challenging and demanding of circumstances. So when one of TWC’s large Los Angeles facilities upgraded their mission-critical systems, they called on Spectrum to design and install a new cooling system that could handle the increased heat this new equipment generated.

As with many Spectrum projects, this facility had to remain live and operational during construction, so we strategically employed HEPA vacuums and experienced critical environment technicians to constantly monitor and clean in, around, over and under racks of equipment. We also used Mylar film along with Visqueen-like plastic containment barriers sensitive to cold air supply and hot air return to aid in the mitigation of dust and debris.

The Spectrum Solution
Project Design:
  • Provide complete set of construction documents for control room and server room air conditioning
  • Documents include floor plans, future connections, piping diagrams, all specifications, details and notes
  • Drawings done using AutoCAD
  • As-built drawings
Project Equipment and Installation:
  • Provide and install four (4) Carrier 30-ton Chillers with internal pumps and controls
  • Pumps set on new concrete pads
  • Provide and install twelve (12) Liebert CRV Chilled Water Precision Cooling Systems
  • Fully redundant pipe loop system
  • Provide all piping and fittings as required
The Story
Latisys is a leading provider of hybrid Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions that span enterprise cloud, managed hosting and data center colocation. With a nationwide footprint of high density, inter-connected data centers and a built-for-the-future managed cloud and hosting platform, Latisys is one of only a handful of IT outsourcing providers able to tailor solutions to each client’s unique requirements.

Spectrum Mechanical was recommended by the manufacturer, Energy Labs, to receive, install and rig the cooling equipment for a brand new state-of-the-art data center. Our installation expertise combined with our professionalism fit perfectly with the on-site management team’s fast-track project requirement. Our schedule management, ability to meet every key milestone and our clear communication turned this opportunity into an ongoing relationship with Latisys, as we have been prominently involved in all phases of this multi-phase project spanning three-plus years.

The Spectrum Solution
Project Equipment and Installation:
  • Provide receiving, installation and all rigging of three (3) 240-ton Energy Labs air handling and AAON condensing units including:
    • Crane and assemble the six sections totaling approximately 100,000 lbs. each on new structural steel supports
    • Furnish and install new supply and return air ductwork connections from the new units into the data center plenum
  • Provide and install five (5) Trane rooftop heat pumps per design schedule complete with factory curb and t-stat, including plenum drops as lined and ready for duct connection
  • Provide installation of two (2) Liebert DS077 upflow CRAC units including:
    • Receiving and rigging of units and condensers as required to set them in their final locations
    • Sheet metal secondary drain pan for CRAC units
  • Provide and install one (1) Snyder 12’ diameter x 22’ tall 16,500 gallon above ground storage tank with 2”, 3” connections, seismic restraint with galvanized anchors and all associated hardware and man-way as required
  • Provide one (1) Bell & Gossett packaged systems variable speed 70VS including:
    • Tech-2 controller
    • D bypass with two 5HP Danfoss FC102AFD NEMA 12
    • Differential pressure sensor
    • 2 series 1531
    • TEFC
    • 3 AC pumps: 340GPM @ 37’ TDH per pump
    • All trim including shut-off valves and strainers
The Story
Allergan is a global technology-driven, multi-specialty health care company pursuing therapeutic advances to help patients live life to their fullest potential.

When Allergan needed to replace their existing data center cooling equipment, they chose Liebert, an industry leader in commercial grade AC equipment. And who did Liebert recommend to Allergan to design and install this brand new, energy-efficient system? Spectrum Mechanical.

Under an extremely accelerated timeframe, Spectrum designed the new system, de-installed and removed the old equipment and expertly installed the new Liebert equipment.

The Spectrum Solution
Project Design:
  • Provide complete set of construction documents for control room and server room air conditioning
  • Documents include floor plans, future connections, piping diagrams, all specifications, details and notes
  • Drawings done using AutoCAD
  • As-built drawings provided within 30 days of installation completion
Project Equipment and Installation:
  • Demo and remove one (1) Liebert XD system including:
    • One (1) XDC
    • Twelve (12) XDV
    • Two (2) roof-mounted CSL415-A condensers
    • Reclaim all R-407C and R-410A and dispose of per EPA requirements
  • Demo and remove one (1) Liebert Deluxe System/3 15-ton downflow floor-mounted AC unit and one (1) Liebert Deluxe System/3 8-ton downflow floor-mounted AC unit including:
    • Floor stands
    • Equipment disposal as required
    • Reclaim and dispose of R-22 refrigerant per EPA requirements
  • Install three (3) new Liebert DS System model DS042ADA001957A, 12-ton (42 kW) downflow air-cooled floor-mounted environmental control AC units including:
    • Set on 18” seismic floor stands
    • Secondary drain pan with Liebert LT460-Z25 leak detection system
    • 25-foot cable as required
  • Install three (3) new Liebert model TCDV205-A, 12-ton 95 degree ambient air-cooled condensers
  • Install one (1) new Liebert Challenger/3000 model BU067ASAD01, 460V air-cooled upflow 5-ton environmental control cooling unit
  • Install one (1) new Liebert model TCDV104-Z, 460V, 95 degree ambient, 3-phase air-cooled condenser unit
AAA Operations Center
The Story
Established in 1900, AAA offers a wide array of automotive, travel, insurance and financial services, serving more than 53 million members throughout the United States and Canada.

Working in concert with other specialty contractors (IBM, DSI) on this project, Spectrum Mechanical installed a total of three (3) 120 ton chillers, pumps and (48) InRow cooling units for AAA’s Glendale, Arizona Operations Center Computer Room and UPS Room.

Spectrum earned praise and recognition from AAA, along with an Award of Excellence for our hard work, dedication and teamwork on this project.

The Spectrum Solution
Project Equipment and Installation:
  • Furnish and install three (3) new Trane air cooled scroll chiller model CGAM120D2, 95 nominal tons at 120F ambient, 45/55F chilled water supply, 4-scroll compressors, R410a refrigerant, standard efficiency, copper/aluminum condenser coil fins, DDC compatible controls, wire screen panels for protection, mounted on ground, set on new concrete pads installed by others.
  • Furnish and install two (2) new Bell & Gossett Series 1500 model 4E, redundant pumps set for 500 GPM at 100 Ft Hd, 20 Hp, 460V, TEFC with VFD, inlet suction guide and outlet combination triple duty valves for chilled water closed loop piping as required. Set on isolation bases.
  • Furnish and install one (1) new Hanson 84DIA X 184OAL 4000 gallon vertical chilled water buffer tank secured to new concrete pad complete with 8” water piping inlet and outlet flanged connections, 12x16 manway, and vent as required.
  • Install forty-eight (48) new APC/NetworkAIR model ACRC100, 5 ton InRow chilled water floor mounted air handlers with micro-processor controller provided by IBM adjacent to the server racks as required.
  • Furnish and install two (2) new Liebert model CW041UCSA2A061, 10 ton upflow chilled water floor mounted air handlers in the UPS room with iCOM microprocessor controller with small display
  • Furnish and install new schedule 40 black grooved/welded condenser water supply and return piping
  • Furnish and install supply air duct discharge with back draft dampers to POC at common header with two (2) 24x24 double deflection supply air grilles in the cold aisle as required
XO Communications
The Story
XO Communications is one of the nation’s largest communications service providers, exclusively serving businesses, large enterprises and other telecommunications companies.

Spectrum Mechanical previously performed excellent installation work for XO Communications, which led to an ongoing relationship as their provider of preventative maintenance.

The Spectrum Solution
Spectrum performs scheduled preventative maintenance and services for 12 XO Communications locations throughout Southern California.
Disney Stores
The Story
When Disney Stores was designing and building their data center for worldwide operations, Spectrum Mechanical was on the job. The directive was clear—the data center, and in turn, the cooling system, had to be “bullet-proof.”

The high-rise that housed the data center had a water-cooled chiller plant that Spectrum was to utilize to cool the new data center, which, in our estimation, was not a bullet-proof plan. We told Disney that this chiller could be susceptible to failure if the building were to lose water. Our recommendation was to install dual cooled Liebert units with chilled water as the primary and condenser water from remote dry fluid coolers with a closed loop, which did not require water, as a back-up redundant heat rejection source.

The primary mechanical engineering firm told Disney that this would be a waste of money—that the building system would not go down. When asked to guarantee this, they relented and agreed that there was a remote possibility that if the building lost water, it could go down.

Two months after we completed installation, the water main that supplied the building burst leaving the entire building without water and air conditioning for several days.

The data center, however, was fine.

The redundant dry fluid system we installed came on with no delay and the Liebert units maintained cooling in the data center throughout the water main repairs, allowing Disney Stores to continue with normal operations, worldwide.

Shortly thereafter, we received a call from Disney thanking us for our visionary thinking.

Ambry Genetics
The Story
When Ambry Genetics added more server heat load to their computer room, they didn’t account for the extra cooling capacity that was needed.

It didn’t take long for their data center to climb over 100 degrees, causing their critical systems to fail.

They called Spectrum’s Service Department and we were on-site within two hours—on a Saturday. We quickly installed temporary cooling units to alleviate the extra heat load until a more permanent solution could be set in place. This alleviated the risk of equipment failure and allowed them to remain operational for their vitally important cancer research projects.